Why this blog?

My favorite job in Church is that of thurifer. While I usually shy away from literally interpreting scripture, I do believe there is one verse every Christian church should take seriously: \”And in every place, incense SHALL be offered unto My name, thus says the LORD.\” (Malachai 1:11). Thus, I am known for stoking the thurible for maximum smoke output and making it do tricks in processions, such as 360\’s, double and triple 360\’s, figure 8\’s, corner swings. Some may say I\’m showing off, but that\’s not how I see it. For me, it is my prayer, my offering in worship, just as some write prayers, some sing, some preach, some read lessons, carry candles, preach, and of course, collect money. We all have our contributions to worship, and each is equally valuable (I think there\’s something about that in I Corinthians 12:4-11).

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